Restoring Integrity to the Sheriff’s Office.

Professional integrity. Pride in high standards. Respect for the rights and dignity of all. These values go together with honorable and effective law enforcement. By prioritizing these values, Earnell will work to build a Sheriff's Office that our community is proud to call its own. As Sheriff, Earnell will implement reforms that promote equal justice under the law while promoting safer, stronger neighborhoods for all. Under Earnell, the Sheriff’s office will return to doing actual police work—including drug enforcement, protecting witnesses and addressing the human trafficking epidemic.


Treating Everyone with Dignity and Respect

Under Earnell’s leadership the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office will treat all citizens with dignity and respect, no matter their background. Any person that interacts with the Sheriff’s office—victims, witnesses, criminal defendants and jail inmates all must be treated appropriately and fairly. As Sheriff, Earnell will ensure that the Milwaukee County Jail is a secure and humane facility that protects inmates' safety, meets their basic human needs, and provides prompt and high-quality medical attention. 


Protecting Our Families

Whether it be on the highways, in our cherished public lands or in our neighborhoods, the Sheriff’s Office will be on the front lines of the fight against gun violence, illegal drugs, human trafficking, reckless driving and any other activities that threaten the lives or property of Milwaukee County citizens. Every resident deserves to feel safe while in our community or while using our community’s resources.  Earnell will devote resources to patrolling our parks, freeways and neighborhoods while securing our institutions.

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Partnering for a Safer Community

Earnell has spent the last 16 years collaborating with law enforcement all over the country and the world. Earnell will partner with community stakeholders to address the crises facing our community.  He will restore the Sheriff’s presence in law enforcement partnerships aimed at interrupting the cycle of violence and hopelessness in our community.


Supporting Workers' Rights

As Sheriff, Earnell will build an office culture that honors the sacrifices its employees make daily. Earnell will put an end to understaffing while also addressing fatigue in the workplace. He will promote safety, fairness and a sense of community in the Sheriff’s Office. Earnell will honor the right of employees to organize and will work tirelessly to secure the resources necessary for a properly staffed and equipped office.  


Ending Wasteful Spending

Under the current leadership, the Sheriff's Office provides too few services for too much money. The office is consistently millions of dollars over budget while still stretching its employees thin and failing to meet the basic obligation to protect and serve the community. The leadership in the office has added to this by unnecessary and costly litigation. This has resulted in the loss of millions of taxpayers’ dollars with no return on their investment. As Sheriff, Earnell will put an end to these wasteful practices.